4 tips to engage donors this summer

By Greg Leitner
Senior Director

This article first appeared in Greater Mission’s July newsletter.

As school years end and another pandemic-era summer begins, there is still a considerable amount of uncertainty in the fundraising world. What will this year look like? Will organizations have to change their plans with an already stringently allocated budget? Will donors be more engaged once fall arrives?

The result of recent communication with parishes and non-profit organizations is that pre-pandemic levels of attendance, activity and giving have still not been met. Will this be the new normal or is there still a way to engage and inspire those who have not been present to be present.

As the summer sets in, how can you nurture and encourage potential donors now to ensure the success of your fall direct mail and fundraising programs?

Here are 4 tips to engage donors this summer:

Be communicative

In an increasingly technology-based world, it can be easy for potential donors to get lost in the information shuffle. It is crucial to reach out in personal, one-on-one interactions and be as consistent as possible with your outreach.

Be flexible

With an almost constant influx of information, the prospect of developing a solid direct mail and fundraising plan for the year can be challenging. Being flexible and embracing changes as they come will be an important part of your 2022/2023 campaigns.

Be empathetic

Many organizations have recognized the importance of marketing with empathy over the last few years. In fact, new research shows that brands that embrace innovation and agility with an aim on humanizing the customer’s experience outperform their peers, especially in a global pandemic.

Be transparent

One thing that most experts agree on is the importance of transparency with donors. This is especially important from an organization-wide perspective, as constituents will want to know where the organization stands, how have you changed during the pandemic, what precautions you continue to take, how you are protecting your staff and what your future plans entail. If you don’t have finalized plans yet, be transparent about that too.

Your summer projects don’t have to solely consist of cleaning up your desktop and reorganizing processes. Now is an opportune time to check in with your donors and set yourself up for future successes.

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