As Greater Mission, we dedicate ourselves to serving the Church and faith-based organizations. We are mission developers that work alongside our clients to fund new or enhanced facilities, ministries and outcomes for God’s work through the Church.

We often serve as extended staff on special assignment. We are critical and creative thinkers. But we are also doers. We focus on outcomes. We make things happen. We accomplish. We advance and accelerate the Church’s mission in a spirit of urgency for the sake of all those the Church is called to serve and all those they call into service.

We do this by integrating the interdependent disciplines of strategic planning and fund development. We inspire faith-filled generosity as an essential dimension of our ministry; and we equip Christians to live and love the Church’s mission as their greater mission. We seek to use our talents and abilities, while relying on God’s grace to empower us and God’s guidance to lead us. We work with humility as imperfect instruments of God, remembering always that it is not ours, but it is God’s work in the beginning and in the end.

Greater Mission’s fundraising consultants serve the Church and faith-based organizations.
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