Amen Generosity

Amen Generosity focuses on the why of giving faithfully and generously to the parish offertory; balancing our need to give and the Church’s need to advance its mission.

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See our one-page Amen Generosity brochure for a brief outline of our model:

We coach you to be direct and clear. Teach, Inspire and Invite prayerful participation, all while articulating goals that work to change both hearts and habits.

Our Design is an approach that can be renewed every year, eventually becoming integrated into the parish culture in a way that most everyone accepts the new norm, meets people where they are consistently building understanding, enthusiasm and participation.

Our Model

Our streamlined model can be executed annually by the parish. We provide on-site training, sample materials and sustained implementation support. Use best practices to drive positive results, but also dares to be creative and bold in trying new strategies.

This program encompasses 2-3 weeks of preparation and then an 8-week time line of implementation that includes:

• 1-2 Awareness Weekends

• Commitment Weekend

• Letter/mailings

• Lay Witness Talk (Overview and speaking points can be provided)

• Bulletin/Pulpit Announcements

• Prayer of the Faithful

• Additionally, there is a plan for follow up, reports and analysis of results.


• Generate parishioner awareness of parish programs and mission

• Refreshes levels of financial commitment

• Reinforces the relationship between financial commitments and parish mission

• Gauges the spiritual health and engagement of the parish community

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