Capital Campaigns

The professionals who comprise the Greater Mission team bring uncommon understanding, focus, passion, experience and edge to providing capital campaign services to Catholic parishes, dioceses, religious communities and ministry organizations as co-workers for the Kingdom of God.

Understanding – we have a tremendous history of service as staff from within the Church that gives us a great understanding of how the Church operates and how it seeks to advance its sacred mission. We have a strong ability to communicate the mission of the Church and the spirituality of faith-filled generosity.

Focus – Serving the Church is all that we do.  We do not come as fundraisers for hire for any cause.  We concentrate all of our time and talents on advancing the Church’s mission, with the determined goal of getting better at it every day.  While aiming for great results in the near term, we do not lose sight of helping our clients to build capacity and relationships that bear great fruit over the long term.

Passion – This is our life’s work, and it is a tremendous privilege for us. We are people that strive to live what we believe. Inspiring those we serve to be generous in line with their true capacity is a special calling and ministry.  Inviting parish leaders and donors to be faithfully and sacrificially generous is what moves us.

Experience – Together our team has been directly involved in capital and endowment campaigns that have raised more than $1 billion for the Catholic Church. Our professionalism and experience are most valuable when conditions become difficult to navigate. We create plans with all the variations needed to adapt to the unique capacities and circumstances of each client, including the ability to develop specialized approaches tailored to the Hispanic culture.

Edge – We utilize the latest technology to maximize the success potential for our clients. From constituent research to campaign management to performance management to production and administration, we are employing systems and software to work very smart while working very hard in service to our clients.


Sample Success Stories

Diocese of Orlando

St. Francis, Staunton, VA

St. Olaf, Norge, VA

Our Lady of Grace, Maricopa, AZ