Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities helps people, regardless of their faith, who are struggling with poverty and other complex issues.

Greater Mission has been the leader in helping Catholic Charities Agencies with their development efforts since 2019. Our dedicated, experienced, veteran consultants have assisted agencies around the country in enhancing revenue programs.

We have a dedicated, experience senior VP who heads our Catholic Charities division with a wealth of knowledge and real-world results for Catholic Charities around the country.

Words From Our Catholic Charities Clients

Catholic Charities provides services to children, adults, families and communities.

While many are called to serve, not all are called to raise money. Greater Mission can help.

Our 4 Key Deliverables

Development Assessment

A snapshot of where the agency is now. Provides a comprehensive analysis of the fundraising impact of the agency’s development and marketing department on the organization.


An important part of the “pre-game” planning and preparation for a great campaign. The feasibility study will inform final campaign goals and plans, and it will also build a foundation for inspiring great giving.


This step solidifies your effort to work with us as we serve as partners in your development projects, sometimes as temporary staff supporting your team.


“Once our client, always our client.” Greater Mission often stays in touch with former clients for years after initial campaigns, checking in to ensure the organization remains on track with their development program.

Greater Mission not only helps our Catholic Charities clients with fundraising, but also helps with:

• Donor Communications

• Donor Records

• Agency Best Practices

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