By Jim O’Connor
Senior Director

Risen Christ Parish in Denver, Colorado, selected Greater Mission to conduct a Feasibility Study of a proposed capital campaign to raise funds for necessary upgrades to the Church. Like many parishes, Risen Christ has had many issues to face over the past several years, most importantly dealing with the pandemic and moving forward on plans that are long overdue. In consultation with the Greater Mission team, it was determined that this is an opportune time to address needed improvements to its facilities and to make plans for completing them. The parish had done an extensive review of its facilities and has enlisted the input of the Parish Finance Council, a parish-wide facility review committee and the Diocesan Building department. In addition, the parish conducted several open-house meetings about the projects and have been highly transparent about it throughout the process.

“The response to the case statement was overwhelmingly positive … culminating in a collective approval rating of 93%.”

Greater Mission, LLC conducted a feasibility study as part of the process for a capital campaign. The study was designed to determine if a successful campaign could be conducted to raise $8 – $10 million to complete the parish capital projects and fund a maintenance reserve fund. In in-person interviews and an online survey, specific capital improvements for Risen Christ Parish were presented for consideration. The response to the case statement was overwhelmingly positive with 67% of the respondents being “very positive” and 26% “somewhat positive,” culminating in a collective approval rating of 93%. When shown the artist renditions of the proposed upgrades which included attaining ADA compliance, most were even more positive about the projects and the necessity to address them now.

Consistent with Greater Mission’s approach centered on the guiding influence of the Holy Spirit in all decisions, the majority of parishioners interviewed were able to envision the connection between the needs of the case and how they would enhance the sacred atmosphere of the Church, the celebration of the liturgy, and subsequently, their own personal spiritual experience. One interviewee, upon seeing the graphical renditions of the enhancements to the sanctuary, commented on how it reminded him of Benedictine monasteries he had visited on retreat which were simple yet dignified and focused on the religious aesthetics. The Greater Mission team, pastor Father Scott Bailey and his dedicated staff agreed that these very welcome comments underscored the parishioners’ realization that these changes are the right thing to do, for the right reasons.