Bob Corcoran
Campaign Director

A few years back, parish leadership at St. Francis of Assisi parish in Staunton, Virginia, engaged Greater Mission to conduct a capital campaign to replace the roof and exterior stone walls of the church after more than 150 years of weathering and service.

The specialty stone used at that time was expertly and painstakingly removed in 5’x5’ sections by a company that specializes in stone and monument repair out of Washington, DC, resulting in this exquisite exterior renovation below. Greater Mission raised more than $1.8 million on this project from the generous people of the parish returning the exterior of the parish to its original grandeur.

Last August, under the leadership of its pastor, Reverend Matthias Lusembo, Greater Mission was again hired to conduct a study and a campaign to renovate the interior of the church, last attempted more than 40 years ago. Repairs to floors and walls, plaster and paint, lighting and sound, better accessibility and better use of the existing space are important parts of this transforming campaign.

Additionally, the redesign will better focus attention on Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Sacraments with special attention to historical preservation in a style keeping with the original design of the Church.

Greater Mission will again conduct a $1.5 million campaign to raise funds for this important project. Just two months into first campaign meetings and receptions, we are over a third of the way towards our goal with momentum building weekly. An update upon completion of the Campaign will follow — St. Francis of Assisi, Pray for us!