Easter Joy: Freely Loving & Giving

The word “freely” has great power in it. Jesus gained victory over our sin and death by freely choosing to suffer and to die on Good Friday so that we can live in His love forever. He trusted and obeyed his Father fully and freely. His life was not taken. It was freely given. Jesus completed the act of love begun by his Father who so loved the world that he freely gave Him to us. As disciples of Jesus, we too are invited to complete the act of freely giving ourselves to God and to others as a continual act of love. Freely means fully without reservation, condition, obligation, or hesitation. There is great obedience in it, but obedience that we choose freely just as Jesus did. This way of trusting and giving freely comes from a love begun by God far before us; and leads us to an Easter joy that has no end.

Blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter!

Greater Mission Easter and Holy Week 2024