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The sobs I heard coming from my daughter’s bedroom were never intended for my ears.  She was informing her best friend that I would soon be on my way for emergency surgery, making it impossible for me to attend her high school graduation the next evening. While the pain in my body was severe, what hurt more was that I would be absent for the graduation of my only daughter.

Following doctor’s orders we loaded into the car and headed for the hospital.  I thought to myself, this should never have happened. Some six weeks before I had the surgery scheduled and had meticulously made all the preparations at work.  However, a flu less than twenty-four hours before surgery caused its postponement.   If the surgery had occurred as planned, I would have been able to see my daughter graduate.  O God, where were you when I asked for help?  Where are you now?

As we parked by the emergency room, my prayers changed from God take this pain away to God help me through my surgery, and my daughter, through my absence. As I got out of the car, to my utter amazement, the pain that had wracked my body for hours immediately disappeared.  Could it be? I walked around to make sure that was the case and confirmed that I was, indeed, pain-free.

My joy exploded!  I would see my daughter graduate.  There is no doubt in my mind that God Himself intervened.  As I look back I realized that it was all part of His plan.  The cancelled surgery at the most appropriate time, led to a possible emergency surgery at the most inappropriate time.   God, then, stepped in at the eleventh hour, to make sure I knew that He heard my prayers and would never keep me from being with my daughter on a day that meant so much to her.

This incident made me think about our ever-present God.  Through our successes and failures, our good deeds and sins, our health and our illnesses, He never leaves our side, regardless of our behavior toward Him.  Sometimes He even works a miracle to remind us that while we might forget that He is with us, He always remembers that we are with Him.

God bless you.