At Greater Mission, we believe that a Feasibility Study is an integral part of the process to prepare for a great campaign. We incorporate a high level of analysis and constituent data research into our Feasibility Studies. We pay close attention to how we can help position the case for support, the goal and the gift plan scenario to lift sights of each potential supporter. Finally, we will identify key campaign leaders and help you build ownership and enthusiasm for the projects to test as part of the study.

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Our approach is designed to inform, to inspire, to engage, to build ownership and to raise sights.

We also believe feasibility studies do much more than gather data to inform campaign goal setting and strategy. Our approach is designed to inform, to inspire, to engage, to build ownership and to raise sights. One of the first steps is to study the constituencies and build a plan of gifts based on a combination of donor research, direct organizational giving, other charitable giving, and local knowledge about who might have the capacity to make leading gifts to the campaign.

A well-designed and properly staffed Feasibility Study plays a very important role in positioning a campaign for success, true to its fullest potential. The Greater Mission team proposes the following process:

• Set a base goal and a challenge goal for the campaign with a table of gifts by level that provides a breakdown of how the campaign goals can be successfully realized.

• Utilize the Constituent Capacity Analysis data to evaluate gift potential and to help select potential interviewees.

• Conduct 40 to 50 individual interviews with internal constituency leaders, top donors, to engage them, get input on the proposed vision and campaign plans, build shared ownership, and raise sights in the area of leadership giving.

• Design and conduct an online survey to gather input and identify additional potential leaders for the campaign. Host two town hall meetings (if desired) to allow more families to hear the case and commitment.

• Recommend potential campaign leaders and their roles.

• Provide church leadership with a written report of the findings of the study process.

• Recommend specific goals and a phased timetable that will realize success.

The Feasibility Study is a very important part of the “pre-game” planning and preparation for a great campaign. The Study will inform final campaign goals and plans, and it will also build a foundation for inspiring great gifts to the campaign.

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