Here at Greater Mission we firmly believe one of the greatest opportunities to grow sacrificial gifts to the church will come through well planned and thoughtful Major Gifts campaigns.

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Major gifts are a process in building relationships. It takes time to nurture these types of relationships, but the end results will be beneficial to your church or ministry in the long run.

Most ministry programs continually need additional funding and many times those needs cannot be meet through a regular offertory program. In this outline of our services the team at Greater Mission will help you build a better understanding of Major gifts and how to best implement a plan of vision and success for your ministry.

Campaign Readiness Analysis

Before launching a major gift effort; ask yourself these basic questions about your development department or your ministry. A Greater Mission Campaign Readiness Analysis can help you achieve that task. It is a 360-degree look at the organization, from the inside out, outside in, gains stakeholders’ understanding, and how efforts compare to similar organizations. This will include review of existing materials, assessment of fundraising performance, discussions with staff, and interviews with donors and other stakeholders, review of potential in areas of individual, corporate, and foundation philanthropy, and an assessment for moving forward.

Basic Steps in Major Gift Organization

Once you have answered those questions and feel you have a solid base under your ministry, you are ready to launch your major gift effort. There are 6 basic steps in a major gift effort to ensure success:

  1. Ensure your key leadership supports the vision of the campaign and recruit the right team to drive the success of the effort.
  2. What is a Major gift for your Church or Ministry?
  3. Complete your donor and prospect research.
  4. Develop your CASE of need or support, that results in specific goals and programs that a donor can make a sacrificial gift to.
  5. Create a stewardship program. Remember prospects need to have a relationship and understanding of your ministry before any request is made. Nurture your prospects, get to know them and allow them to know you and your vision and ministry.
  6. Launch your campaign; but remember to listen to the donor allow them to create a gift they feel good about while supporting the ministry and need of the organization. Last don’t forget to say thank you. And then continue to update and include the donor in all messaging for the organization.

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