The following overview presents how we work in partnership with each parish to conduct a comprehensive capital campaign. Greater Mission is dedicated to serving the Catholic Church and other faith-based ministries, bringing extraordinary, firsthand experience to the work along with a great heart for the Church’s mission.

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We believe that God wants us to do great things through His people in our time and place. This establishes a very positive expectation that good things will happen if we inspire our Catholic people to put their many gifts in the service of God’s plans.

The Greater Mission approach believes that there is an important aspect of ministry in the approach to inspiring and inviting faith-filled generosity

We also believe in maximizing the opportunity to succeed in the short term without sacrificing what is most important over the long term. This means helping the Church develop its own internal capacity to advance its mission over time. That focus is one of the key distinguishing factors of Greater Mission.

Here are three fundamental principles that are the hallmarks of all our campaign design:

  1. Mission First to the Disciples
  2. Partnership with the Parish
  3. Sustaining the Success

Mission First to the Disciples recognizes that the Church has a responsibility to teach their members about the principle of stewardship and the virtue of charity. This work is a ministry to the degree that God’s people are inspired to be faithfully generous. The campaign should be designed to effectively invite widespread involvement of the faith community and inspire generous pledges springing from grateful and selfless hearts. This campaign is a call to each Catholic to embrace their shared mission.

Partnership with the Parish reflects our deep understanding from our professional and personal experience that people experience the Church most directly through their parish. Each Pastor plays a most pivotal role in determining the success of a campaign. Greater Mission strives to work with each parish and pastor in a true partnership to meet the needs and support the priorities of the parish.

Sustaining the Success of capital campaigns is about building the fundraising capacity of the families within the parish, to leverage the unprecedented new engagement and generosity of families, expressing appropriate gratitude, informing them effectively, and deepening relationships with them that will lead to greater future generosity – often through annual, major and/or legacy giving. There should be a tremendous ripple effect of increased generosity at the parish from a successful capital campaign.

Decision of Faith

The Greater Mission approach believes that there is an important aspect of ministry in the approach to inspiring and inviting faith-filled generosity. Each family member is asked to make their own Decision of Faith based on three key principles:

Our philosophy is that the campaign should not only raise money for ministry, but it should also teach and inspire faith-filled generosity. This brings blessing to the givers and the Church, and it leads to future generosity as the mission is continually advanced in the future.

What Makes Us Different

Greater Mission lives to help organizations be greater in fulfilling their mission of building the community for all to benefit. We do that by fusing together the work of developing people, helping cast the vision for the organization, and developing the funds needed to make mission and vision possible.


Serving our communities is all that we do. We do not come as “fundraisers for hire” for just any cause we focus on faith-based causes. We concentrate all of our time and talents on advancing the organization’s mission. While aiming for great results in the short term, we do not lose sight of helping our clients to build internal capacity, structures, and relationships that bear great fruit over the long term. Our work is designed to both maximize the success of our clients and lead to great future giving.


Together our team has been directly involved in capital and endowment campaigns that have raised more than $1 billion for organizations and churches across the country. Our professionalism and experience are most valuable when conditions become difficult to navigate. We create plans with all the variations needed to adapt to the unique capacities and circumstances of each client.


We utilize the latest technology to maximize the success potential for our clients. From constituent research, development audits, feasibility studies to campaign management and administration, we are employing systems and software to work very smart while working very hard in service to our clients.

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