The Bike

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The opening of the garage provided an unexpected and welcomed surprise.  The ecstatic son exclaimed “Oh Dad, a bike!  How did you know I wanted one?  I think it is the most beautiful bike ever!  Thank you for getting it for me.”

While the young father struggled to smile, in his heart he cried as he viewed his son’s reaction.  He knew that his son had never asked for a bike for fear that his parents did not have the money, despite his hard work. Of course, the father wanted to give his son a much better bike than he could afford on his low salary. He was actually embarrassed that he could only offer an old rundown two-wheeler that he spray painted black to cover all its scratches and dents.  He wondered why his son did not turn to him and say – couldn’t you have given me something better?

We can easily fall into the trap of thinking that our gifts are simply not good enough to give to others.  We may even fear that they will turn to us and ask if we don’t have something better to offer them? That fear sometimes prevents us from giving to our sisters and brothers what they need.  The young boy’s joy came not so much from the bike but from the realization that his father was thinking about him and sacrificed so that he could receive something special.  All of us are touched when someone cares about us.  Your gift of sincere care is a priceless in itself.

We, as Christ’s disciples, can never hesitate to give what we have. Others will appreciate our sacrifices and God will take our gifts and make them wonderful in their sight – just like He did for the young father and the old bike.

God bless you!