Heart to Witness inspires parishioners to live the great Commission as disciples of Jesus – to welcome others and to share their joys with them in such a way that they desire to love God with all their heart.

We speak of the New Evangelization and the need to seek out those who have fallen away, but the call to evangelize is not really new. It is a perennial call to each Christian. Pope Paul VI affirmed in his letter On Evangelization in the Modern World: “We wish to confirm once more that the task of evangelizing all people constitutes the essential mission of the Church” (14).

The ultimate missionary role we play is to invite others to know the love of Jesus.  When we experience something great, we can’t wait to tell others about it. Offering a loving invitation to others to journey with us toward life that is centered in and for Christ is the greatest form of discipleship.  The Heart to Witness Season offers the parish a time each year to grow in their understanding of how to evangelize within the context of our faith – becoming witnesses in both word and deed.

Sample Initiatives

A. Conduct Sharing Christ, the formation model offered by Christlife.org

B. Establish parish spirit wear program (e, tee-shirts) to build parish pride, make it easy for parishioners to promote their parish, and start conversations about their faith.

C. Promote e-sharing of helpful devotionals and spiritually inspiring reflections that parishioners can pass along to family and friends

D. Welcome the local community to get to know and experience the life and ministries of the parish through advertising and marketing.

E. Invite those who participate only in parish social and outreach activities to become more active members in the full spiritual life of the parish.

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