With All Your Heart

With All Your Heart offers a way to invite Catholics to fully live their faith as members of a thriving parish. The aim is to strengthen parish life by increased involvement, generosity and membership. The name is inspired by the Great Commandment taught by Jesus – Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. (Mk 12:30)  To speak in the language and to the culture of the Latino community, we have created a sister model entitled, Con Todo Nuestro Corazón.

The With All Your Heart model establishes a cycle of four seasons throughout the year, always building from one to the next.  The four seasons each take on an important way to live as a faithful and generous disciple of Jesus.

  • Heart to Pray
  • Heart to Serve
  • Heart to Share
  • Heart to Witness.

These seasons are paralleled by a year-round effort to further build the parish as a close and caring Community.

Implementing the With All Your Heart model must be established as a priority within the life of the parish. Greater Mission has priced With All Your Heart to be highly affordable. And we have designed a unique model to offer initial training and ongoing support.

We believe that With All Your Heart can be a great blessing to your parish and to our shared work as a Church…building the Kingdom of God. Please contact us to learn more.

The Heart Monitor – Self Evaluation Tool

Too frequently, other aspects of people’s lives, such as work, fitness, sports, and entertainment, are grabbing hold of their hearts. This is especially true for many in our younger generations  – whose lack of commitment to their faith-life and to the shared mission of the Church is a great concern. Inspiring the great majority of Catholics to live their faith with all their hearts won’t happen overnight.  It must be an ongoing process – sometimes moving step by step toward giving all of our hearts to God.

Take the Self Eval  (Heart Monitor Document)

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