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The considerate Pastor of a poor inner-city parish had purchased corsages for all the mothers expected at the Mother’s Day Masses the following day. He had directed his much younger seminarian assistant to place all the corsages in the “icebox” to preserve them. The seminarian did not know that “icebox” was an older term for refrigerator and instead placed all the corsages in the freezer. The Pastor discovered the misunderstanding as he watched the seminarian take the corsages from the freezer before the first Mother’s Day Mass. He described to me in vivid detail his embarrassment as the corsages wilted and cracked when they hit the air and were pinned on the mothers.

It is easy to miscommunicate. In fact, I am always struck by the miraculous way in which we all can somehow select the right words out the billions of choices we have to make others understand our thoughts. However, we cannot depend on words, as this story clearly indicates.

God convinced us of His love not by giving us words, but by giving us His Son’s life. We convince others of God’s love and ours not through what we say, but what we do. As our Pope Francis recently stated:

Faith is an encounter with Jesus Christ, with God, and always leads to witnessing.
 A faith without works, a faith that doesn’t get you involved, isn’t faith. It’s words and nothing more than words.

You are God’s chosen one. Are you ready for action?

God bless you.